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Delirium of the Endless is a character of modern mythology, created by the notable author and creative genius Neil Gaiman. Her realm is a chaotic, constantly changing mass of colors and strange objects and shapes. Her hair is constantly changing color and style, as do her clothes. One of her eyes is silver-flecked blue, and the other is green. Her shadow never reflects her shape, and is tangible, like velvet. Delirium is scatterbrained and easily distracted; she often forgets the thread of her conversations, and comes out with offbeat and seemingly inconsequential observations. SourceIt is no far leap to see the elements of her personality that are reflected in this design. The Delirium wrap can be worn a plethora of ways depending on your mood or necessity. It can be made in any custom size and in any weight yarn. You may use as many or as few colors as you wish. Feel free to change your color mid row or at any time in your striping sequence. The possibilities with Delirium are seemingly Endless.


Circular needles in a size appropriate to your yarn weight of choice, with a long cable. No less than 30 inch cable recommended, the longer the better.
Tapestry needle
Stitch markers: at least two that are removable


Will vary. You will want to knit and block a gauge block in garter stitch to determine length (which will be explained in the pattern) and appropriate needle size for the yarn you choose. I recommend starting with the needle size recommended on the label of your yarn of choice.


Completely custom


Any weight yarn. I recommend using the same weight throughout. Yardage will vary greatly from person to person. This is a great stash buster. Your best bet is to gather up yarns in whatever weight you prefer and have fun pairing and changing them as you go. This is a great project for all of your mini skeins!



One size


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